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Action Research in Academic Libraries

Title: Assessing Diversity in Academic Library Collections

Authors: Hallie Fields & Tiffany Henry


Libraries should have a method or tool that helps them assess the diversity of their collection so it will be obvious what parts of the collection need to be updated. Diversity in a collection should be defined before assessing the collection so that one will know what it is that they are looking for. This research project is not about analyzing whether a particular collection is diverse or not. Instead, this research project aims to develop a method for assessing the diversity of collections and analyzing the method of assessment. In order to understand the diversity of the collection, some kind of method must be devised and used. The method should be able to be applied to the entire library collection or to a collection on a certain topic. The method will be tested in this research paper and an analysis will be made about the effectiveness of the method. Information will be provided about a specific library’s collection but all of the research and data that is compiled will be used to understand the effectiveness of the assessment tool and not make conclusions about that specific library.

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